Pokemon Patches

These are patches I've made for Pokemon games.

Apply the BPS patches to an original English copy of the relevant game using e.g. RomPatcher.js.

Hardcore Nuzlocke / Minimal Grinding

Game Link Original MD5 Patched MD5 Source Code
FireRed firered-hcnl-v1c.bps e26ee0d44e809351c8ce2d73c7400cdd 4ca9860e7c053fe958f04c4c5e6d35f2 pokefirered-hcnl
LeafGreen leafgreen-hcnl-v1c.bps 612ca9473451fa42b51d1711031ed5f6 b0ef31a099941628628e3ab1fa14cf5a
Ruby ruby-hcnl-v1.bps 53d1a2027ab49df34a689faa1fb14726 90af773ffd20c075e65f3c7bc05a3f65 pokeruby-hcnl
Sapphire sapphire-hcnl-v1.bps f34e91399c719812e66e2c828a2e93d7 d247840993fdef04ac30a4e893129469
Emerald emerald-hcnl-v1.bps 605b89b67018abcea91e693a4dd25be3 1eee1881c62228503fc976dfddeb234c pokeemerald-hcnl
HeartGold heartgold-hcnl-v1a.bps 258cea3a62ac0d6eb04b5a0fd764d788 c649b6982404e96b73cf98aebe679574 pokeheartgold-hcnl
SoulSilver soulsilver-hcnl-v1a.bps 8a6c8888bed9e1dce952f840351b73f2 27fae4e6f484b8ac06c0cd99f8bbffd4


This patch is intended for people who want a well defined challenge mode, and don't have time to waste on grinding to play optimally. I recommend following PokemonChallenge's rules, which I'll summarise here.

The following changes are made to grinding:

The following rules are enforced:

The following rules are not enforced, and must be followed manually: