Welcome! This guide aims to document every achievement available in the game Killing Floor by Tripwire Interactive.

The guide includes details of each achievement as well as strategies to unlock them.

Map achievements are now included at the end of the page. They are sorted separately.


medic suppport sharpshooter commando berserker firebug demolition none indicate that the achievement involves a weapon belonging to that perk.

1051 indicate the percentage of players on Steam who have unlocked this achievement, with the colour giving an indication of how common it is at a glance. Note that achievements introduced more recently tend to be skewed lower, since there has been less time to unlock them.

  indicates that the achievement is only able to be unlocked during the corresponding event. Note that despite being introduced with an event, some achievements can be unlocked at any time; for these, the symbol is not present. Event timing restrictions have been removed, all achievements can be unlocked at any time.


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All event maps except Santa's Evil Lair, Aperture, and Abusement Park can be completed on any length. All other maps must be completed on Long only.

Name Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth